FilaOne™ Printing Adhesion Sheets

Supports PLA, FilaOne™ GREEN & GRAY filaments.

FilaOne™ Printing Adhesion Sheets optimize the temporary adhesion of prints made of FilaOne™ GREEN Advanced Composite filament or PLA.  FilaOne™ GRAY High Performance Composite filament. Supports all FilaOne™ filaments and most PLA filaments. 

The chemical makeup of these proprietary sheets is matched with the FilaOne™ filament’s surface characteristics to optimize part adhesion during printing, and at the same time, allows easy removal of the completed part.


Strong Adhesion without the plastic welding to the printing sheet!

Easier Removal

No sharp blades needed. Remove printed object without damaging the surface.

Safe To Use: no chemicals or glues required.

    Easy To Apply: simply peel off the backing and apply the sheet to your glass or metal print bed.

    Your FilaOne™ Printing Adhesion Sheet is ready to print with no added chemicals or glue.

    Durable: these sheets are formulated to provide a strong, durable surface that will last for many print jobs when used as recommended. Finished parts remove easily, which means you don’t have to use a sharp edged tool that could knick or cut the surface.

    Fits Most Print Beds: available in 8.5 inchs by 10 inch sheets. They are easily cut with scissors to fit your specific print bed. 

    Custom sizes available upon request.

    The FilaOne™ Advanced Printing System provides superior printed objects and a better 3D printing experience!