FilaOne™ GREEN Advanced Composite 3D Printing Filament

Waterproof, threadable, sandable, paintable, strong, resilient, with no out-gassing when printing!



Expand your 3D printing capabilities to functional prototypes and “production" quality parts. 

FilaOne GREEN provides “engineering grade” mechanical properties without the drawbacks of Nylon:

  • Mechanically Strong: stiff, impact resistant and chemically resistant
  • Hydrophobic: water resistant and not affected by humidity
  • Prints Safely: no toxic outgassing
  • Eco-Friendly: degrades safely in a landfill
  • Extrudes at Lower Temperatures: 205 - 210ª Centigrade

Currently available in an “eco-green” color. Custom colors available upon request.

FilaOne GREEN is a true engineering grade material designed for professionals.

This filament is designed to be printed using FilaOne™ Printing Adhesion Sheets to ensure proper adhesion during printing. FilaOne GREEN requires control of the printer’s extrusion temperature and print bed temperature.

Here is how FilaOne GREEN compares with other popular conventional filaments:


 Material Stiffness Impact Strength Tensile Strength Melt Temp H2O Absorption Out-Gassing Degradable
FilaOne GREEN High High High Moderate No No Yes
Nylon Moderate High High High Yes (High) Noxious No
PET/G Moderate High High Moderate Yes (Low) Minimal Yes
ABS Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Yes (moderate) Noxious No
Synthetic Rubber Low Low Low Moderate No Minimal Yes
PLA HIgh Low Low Low Yes No Yes


FilaOne filament and printing adhesion sheets are designed to work on any FDM printer with a heated bed capable of maintaining 95º C and extruding at 210- 220º C.


  • AirWolf HD & later                                 
  • Leapfrog Creatr & later
  • Lulzbot TAZ 4 & later
  • Openbeam Kossel
  • Ordbot
  • Ultimaker 2 & later
  • German RepRap X350 & later
  • Type A Machines Pro and later
  • MakerGear 
  • Roboze

FilaOne GREEN is available in 1 Kg reels.  Price includes one (1) FilaOne Print Bed Adhesion Sheet with every reel.

For orders in Europe, contact Ekkart Wegeleben, PDO Europe, Wiesbaden, Germany at:

For reseller and OEM orders from Japan, Australia, Canada and Latin America, contact Robert Zollo at: