FilaOne™ GRAY Injection Molding Grade Filament

Print Injection Molding Tools on Your Desktop 3D Printer!

                   Advanced carbon nanotube technology makes this true "engineering grade" material strong enough and durable for injection molding and compression molding applications.

Special Formula is optimized for:

• durable surfaces for production runs of up to 100 cycles and more

• sandable for smooth molding surfaces

• minimal sticking during molding

• works with off-the shelf organic mold release agents

• very low tooling cost: prints at $4.00 to $7.50 per cubic inch                           

• no drying required before printing

• print using conformal cooling ducts for improved cycle time and quality.

Prints at 225º C with no toxic out-gassing.  Requires heated print bed at 95º C.

Comes with custom printing adhesion sheet for optimal adhesion during printing.



Contact for a list of approved 3D printers.