Fabricatus™ High Performance 3D Printer Controller Board

Fabricatus™ Advanced Electronic Controller Board for Desktop 3D Printers

The State-of-the-Art Controller Board for Reliable Single and Dual Extruder FDM Printers.

  • Support single and dual extruder FDM printers
  • Rugged, Safe Design for heavy use and long life
  • Runs on open source Smoothie firmware
  • Ribbon Cable Connectors for easy installation
  • Built in support for optional digital displays and Wi-Fi communications.

Fast and Powerful

  • A High performance ARM Cortex M3 CPU capable of supporting real time multi-tasking operations.
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • SD Memory
  • Six motor drivers, configured to operate 4 axis motors and 2 extruders.
  • Each motor driver has independently programmable motor current.
  • 10 MOSFet outputs for operating heaters, fans and lights.
  • 4 analog inputs for operating heaters.
  • 4 endstop inputs. • Expansion port for future RGB display and WiFi options.

Compact, Reliable and Easy to Install

The board measures 4 inches by 4 inches by 3/4 inch high. Utilizes ribbon cable connectors for easy electrical installation. Runs on either 12 volt or 24 volt power.

High current connections are fused to prevent damaging the ribbon cable in case of failure. Inputs are ESD protected to prevent inadvertent damage to the CPU. Includes 6 motor drivers.

Supports Open Source Firmware Based on an open source hardware design, the Fabricatus controller board runs the open source “Smoothieware” firmware.

An enhanced, proprietary firmware suite running on our custom RTOS designed for real time multi-tasking operations is available for quote upon request.


Pricing and Availability

Single Unit Price is $299.95

Volume pricing is available upon request.