Fabricatus™ v2.0 High Performance Controller Board

State-of-the-art, high performance, high precision control for the next generation of advanced 3D printers:

  • Supports Dual and Single Extruder FDM printers
  • Supports Use of an RTOS for real time multi-tasking operations
  • Reliable, "Fail-Safe" Design for heavy use and long life
  • Extra Motor Drives, MOSFETS and I/O for Adding Custom Functionality
  • Built in support for optional digital displays and Wi-Fi communications
  • Ribbon Cable Connectors for easy installation & Repair

Fast, Powerful & Customizable:

  • High performance ARM Cortex M3 CPU running at 120 mhz.
  • Eight motor drivers, configured to operate 4 axis motors, 2 extruders + custom functionality
  • Each motor driver has independently programmable motor current
  • Motor driver waveform and decay curves can be modified to optimize performance
  • 10 MOSFET outputs for operating heaters, fans, lights and custom functionality
  • USB Connector
  • Support for Ethernet upgrade
  • Internal SD Memory Card 
  • 4 analog inputs for operating heaters.
  • 4 endstop inputs. • Expansion port for future RGB display and WiFi options.
  • Runs on either 12 volt or 24 volt power.
  • High current connections are fused to prevent damaging the ribbon cable in case of failure.
  • Inputs are ESD protected to prevent inadvertent damage to the CPU.

Advanced Firmware and RTOS Support:

  • Runs Fabricatus™ STREAK operating system and firmware for fast & reliable multi-tasking operations.
  • Option for running Smoothieware open source firmware.

Pricing and Availability

Single Unit Price: $349.95

Reseller Pricing: contact us for pricing and terms at: info@avante-technology.com

OEM Pricing: available upon request

Available November 2017.  20% Discount for single unit orders received by 1 October 2017.