Emendo™ AUTOMATIC STL File Validation & Repair Software


Get better 3D printing results!

Analyze and repair your .STL files with the highest precision available on your PC/Mac

Supports CAD generated and Hybrid .STL Repairs

Get Better Quality 3D Prints, Without Being an Engineer

 The Most Accurate STL File Repair Software Available for use on PC's and Mac computers.

Get Better Print Results and Save Time:

1. Open Emendo. Double click on the file and Emendo automatically analyzes your file for errors. The number, location and type of errors are highlighted on a 3D rendering of the file with 360 degree viewing flexibility. Error types are color coded.

2. Click "Repair". Emendo automatically repairs and errors.

3. Save Your File. Select to save the repaired file under the original file name, or select a new name to save both the original and repaired versions.

Using the Precision Selection Option to Optimize for 3D Printing:

When Selecting ”Lattice Repair” option, you can select from “low”, “medium” or “high” precision calculations.

   Designed to repair poorly defined CAD files and STL files generated by other types of 3D modeling software, the "Lattice Repair" option completely rebuilds the mathematical mesh that defines the surface of the object and forces a repair to create a printable, “manifold” object.

Save Time and Optimize Your Repaired .STL for Your Printer

Select From 3 Specialized Repair Modes for repairing CAD, Hybrid and .STL Mashups

For CAD generated .STL files, the "Surface Reconstruction" mode is recommended.

In rare cases where the outer boundary of the mesh is poorly defined, the "Surface Reconstruction Alternate" mode can be helpful.

For poorly defined CAD files and .STL files generated by other types of 3D modeling software,  the "Lattice Repair" option completely rebuilds the mathematical mesh that defines the surface of the object and forces a repair to create a printable, “manifold” object.

Or, you can simply use the default "Automatic" mode and the software will try each mode automatically until your file is repaired.

Either way, Emendo™ repair algorithms are more accurate and repair a broader range of .STL file types than most third party software costing hundreds of dollars more.  

At only $89.95, Emendo pays for itself in saved time, money and frustration by avoiding failed print jobs.  With only one button to learn ("REPAIR"), you won't waste time figuring out how to use it.  Get started today!

Unlike other mesh reair software, Emendo utilizes a proprietary set of algorithms that makes repairs with the highest accuracy; superior to conventional floating point calculations. We use discreet math calculations, which eliminate the rounding errors caused when using floating point calculations used by other repair applications. You get a more accurate repair to the STL file without having to wait all day!

Emendo OS Support:

Mac OS 10.9 or later.  Please contact us for information on the release date for Apple

                                    Mojave support (planned for Q1 2019).

MS Windows 7, 8 or 10 

Developer Support

Emendo Software Developer Kit is available for commercial licensing.

                                    Email: bobz@avante-technology.com for details.

Service and Support
Contact us at:              info@avante-technology.com

On-line STL File Analysis & Repair Service:

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