Design, Print and Mold "Production Quality" Plastic Parts at Affordable Costs.

We develop and market state-of-the art composite filament materials,  STL file repair software and high precision 3D printers for commercial desktop printing applications.

* Our high performance, "engineering grade" FilaOne™ composite materials provide mechanical, chemical and thermal performance beyond the customary range of 3D printing filaments.

* Emendo™ Automatic STL Repair Software goes beyond conventional .STL file repair to address complex and hybrid mesh files created from a variety of sources. 

It is the most precise repair software that automatically analyzes and repairs your files for better 3D printing results.

* Fabracatus™ high precision desktop printers enable you to print high precision parts, including injection molds and vacuum molds for short run production applications.

* Our "design-to-print" service for creating industrial grade injection molds capable of molding most common thermoplastics in quantities of 10 to 500 and more!