ProForma 3D Printing offers advanced technology 3D printing products and services for engineering
professionals to improve 3D printing quality, performance and value.  We are engineers serving engineers in development, prototyping, pilot production and short run manufacturing of plastic parts.
We offer engineering design and consulting on "design-to-print" process of making production quality parts, and true "engineering grade" materials in filament and pellet format for high strength-to-weight and plastics molding applications.
We offer advanced STL file analysis & repair to improve print quality and accuracy, and offer an SDK with custom configuration for 3D printing services and application developers.
We offer a high precision, 32 bit ARM based controller board with support for two independent extruders, up to 8 stepper motors and a plug-in expander board for adding new functions.
And we offer customized 3D printer configurations of our "build-to-order" FDM printer.
All of our proprietary products are designed and manufactured in the USA. 


Robert Zollo- CEO and Founder

  With over 30 years in high technology startups, Robert has been  intimately involved in the technological development of a number of revolutionary technologies, including the world’s first digital cameras and the world’s first recordable DVD drives. A “serial entrepreneur”, he has founded two companies that have contributed to the advancement of desktop FDM 3D printing, one in the software arena and one in the FDM plastic materials category. Recognizing that desktop 3D printing has the potential to become as valuable and ubiquitous as personal computers in industry, Robert’s vision for is to educate, promote and assist the vast number of design, engineering and manufacturing professionals seeking to incorporate desktop 3D printing as part of their work process.

Ronald Aldrich- CTO

  25 years experience as a systems architect, with programming expertise in C++, C and a variety of other programming languages, Ron has architected dozens of commercial products at systems level, embedded, level and application level. He is an expert developing for Apple computer and iPhone based systems.

 An earlier developer of open source 3D printers, Mr. Aldrich has personally designed three  different desktop 3D printers. two 32 bit electronic controller boards and was the first to successfully print a commercially viable plastic composite injection mold on an open source, desktop 3D printer.